About us

Welcome to JD Funerals

J. D. was founded in 1981 in Rockville, Soweto by Joyce Dibane Tsotetsi. As a woman, this set the business apart in that she ventured into a male dominated industry bringing sensitivity and personalized service to the industry. The core of J.D. Funeral’s service defines the company’s mission of providing dedicated quality, dignified and personal service to the clientele. To this end we are committed to:

  • Delivering the highest level of service and expertise
  • Offering care and attention to detail to our clientele in a cost effective manner

In 1983 as a result of expansion, the company relocated to its present location in Molapo, Soweto. This move marked a vote of confidence the clientele had in the work undertaken by the establishment. Growth and Development continue to encapsulate the vision of the company in the following areas:

  • Observing current and international trends in undertaking and benchmarking against our own standard thus striving for continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring sustainable skills transfer as well as hands on training and development of employees.
  • Job creation: Sourcing staff members from within Soweto. We have 30 dedicated full time and 30 weekend support staff. We continue working with highly skilled staff-members, some of whom have been in service since 1981.
  • Community development and involvement: Into its second decade of existence, J.D continues with its tradition of supporting community-based initiatives, Our involvement spans the sponsorship of youth sporting events, AIDS awareness workshops, Non-Profit- Organizations activities and burial of disadvantaged individuals. We have also assisted in the sponsorship of an annual pageant By “Love them All” to recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of physically and mentally challenged youth. We have also assisted in sponsoring Jabulani Community Development” who hold AIDS awareness workshops within the community.

JD’s commitment to the provision of superior quality service has seen a growth in requests for funeral services in and around Gauteng, other provinces and neighbouring states such as Lesotho and Mozambique. This in turn has allowed the company to develop its scope and offer a wider range of services.