Funeral Services


Our products and services

Our caring and expert team at JD Funerals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and your family.

We offer the following services:

  • Removal of deceased.
  • Care and conservation of the deceased.
  • Funeral arrangements at your home.
  • Arrangements with the church.
  • Funerals.
  • Cremations.
  • Acquiring of death certificate and cremation documents.
  • Registration of death at the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Accept all recognized funeral policies.
  • Place newspaper notices.
  • Order flowers for the coffin and church.
  • Funerals Arrangement.
  • Long distance services.
  • Repatriations.
  • Tombstones/Memorial Stones.
  • Affordable funerals plans
  • Wide selection of quality caskets and tombstones.
  • Funeral plans for individuals, families and pensioners.
  • No medical examinations needed.
  • No HIV/Aids exclusions
  • Policyholder does not have to submit a medical history.
  • On application, please bring with the Identity book/Passport or a copy of the Birth Certificate.

We also co-ordinate the following services:

  • Flower arranging/Cemetery set-up
  • Marquee hiring
  • Sound Systems
  • Catering
  • Gas Stoves, pots and toilets
  • City Parks Cemeteries
  • Communicate and co-ordinate with other stake holders

Our commitment:

We, at every JD,s Funerals branch are everyday people like you, we also have families sadly we also lose loved ones to death. That is why everyone at JD’s Funerals Services understand your feelings of helplessness, vulnerability and desperation… and funeral arrangements cannot be delayed! For all those reasons we at JD’s Funeral Services, will act on your behalf with the care and experience you so much need.